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Jenny McLaughlin

My father is from a very wealthy family in China until Communists took over all their lands, compounds, and shops in Wuhan in 1949. Consequently, my parents pursued engineering. After a decade of following my parents’ path, I discovered my love for marketing and real estate.

My engineering background, however, turned out to be a big help in our real estate business. We were able to effectively develop systems with engineering methodologies and used our systems to help so many happy clients. Our team is really a silver bullet, a term used in the engineering world to mean The Solution to a complicated problem.

Effective marketing attracts the right home buyers. Our sophisticated, proven marketing systems involve multimedia and sequence approaches in your primary target market so that your home is highly visible in front of your perfect buyers. Moreover, in today’s real estate market, international buyers can not be overlooked. The fact that Chinese spent $22 billion on US property in 2013 is a solid proof. Deeply rooted in Chinese market, our team promotes your home to the largest Chinese audience with the right language and channels.

Nevertheless, what has excited me the most, when helping home sellers, are identifying their needs, setting goals, and developing customized marketing plans based on our systems to achieve their goals. Every day I ask myself the same question “Did I miss any of my clients’ needs and finding solutions to reach their goals?”

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